Bearded Dragon - Eye Problems

Bearded dragons can hide their illness extremely well and symptoms usually appear when the situation is already dire. The eyes are usually the first indicators that something is seriously wrong and should never be left for too long before a veterinarian is called upon. Eye symptoms literally can be the cause of many illnesses and thus a detailed list cannot be included.

Signs of an Agitated Eye or Eye Problem

  • Swelling or puffiness
  • Excessive blinking and/or tears in the eye
  • Excessive blinking using the second eyelid. (White skin that moves over the eye, constantly)
  • Itching eyes (Rubbing eyes against anything, or using a foot to scratch)
  • Constant bulging of the eyes (Done when shedding)
  • Sunken eyes and/or droopy eyes
  • Discolored liquid in the eye (Usually sign of infection, seek a vet)
  • Blood in the eye (Seek a Vet  ASAP)
  • Cloudiness in the eye or pupil. (Usually a sign of sight loss)

Bearded Dragon Care

Things to Avoid

Do not take your bearded dragon(s) outside if it is extremely windy, as not only does the wind agitate their eyes, but the wind can also blow a foreign object such as dust, into their eyes.

Do not pour water over their eyes, as water in the eye agitates it extremely. (Unless part of treatment)

Do not rub the eyes when petting them, bacteria from your hand can enter their eyes and cause infection.

Swollen or Puffed Out eyes

When bearded dragons shed around their eyes, it can be a little swollen or puffed out to help them get rid of the dead skin around the eyes. In this instance, there is nothing to worry about.

Swollen eyes can also be caused by an overdose of vitamin A and it can cause eye damage. Carrots and veggies that contain vitamin A should be avoided.

Constantly swollen eyes can also be a good indication of kidney problems or fatty liver disease. A blood test done by the vet will determine the cause and treatment will be prescribed. If the puffiness or swollen eye sockets do not clear, a vet visit should be a top priority to avoid damage.

Swollen and/or puffed-up eyes can also indicate an eye infection. In this case, however, the swollen eye will also produce extra tears, giving them the appearance of crying. They also blink obsessively or try to scratch their eyes.

Bearded Dragon Care

Sunken/Droopy Eyes

Sunken eyes can result from dehydration and should always be the first to treat. (See dehydration).

It can also be an indicator of an infection or serious illness. If hydration does not solve the problem, vet care should be sought ASAP!

Droopy/ Sunken Eyes that go with a black beard is a serious indication that your bearded dragon is very sick and needs veterinary treatment like yesterday!

Itching Eyes

Bearded dragons will scratch at their eyes using the front foot, or in most instances the back foot. This is an indicator that something regarding their eye is bothering them. In most cases, it is a foreign object in or on the eye, such a loose skin from shedding or if they were bathing and water got in the eye.

Use clean boiled water that has cooled to room temperature or Saline to rinse the eye out, and then gently dry with a clean towel before placing them under their basking light. Keep an eye on them to make sure the issue has been resolved, if not seek a vet.

Excessive Blinking or Tears in the Eye

Usually, a sign of a foreign object or water that got in the eye. Rinse the eye with saline or water that has been boiled and then cooled to room temperature. Once done, gently pat the eye with a clean towel and place the bearded dragon under the basking light. If the problem continues, seek a vet.

Please Take Note:

Inbreeding can cause a lot of problems with their eyes or make the eye appear to look abnormal. In many cases, the eye will be too big, deformed, or have a lot or simply just have a lot of problems that will appear on a regular basis. Good idea to have them checked out by a vet regularly. 

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