Bearded Dragon Care - Questions and Answers

How do I know if my bearded dragon is stressed?

When bearded dragons get stressed, their skin color will darken and black stripes will appear on their bellies and sometimes on the beard.

Read more about Bearded Dragon Stress

Why is my bearded dragon glass surfing?

Bearded dragons glass surf for a few reasons. It can be that they want attention; they want to go run around, they want something that is outside the cage, they want to get away from something in the cage or there is something that they do not like and they want to get away from it.

Why does my bearded dragon open his mouth?

When a dragon is basking, he/she will open its mouth to regulate its temperature. It is called gaping. If they keep doing it even when they are not basking, it can be a sign of illness. If your dragon is sitting somewhere and you startle it, they will puff up and open their mouths as a defensive gesture.

Why does a bearded dragon puff up?

Dragons will puff up their bodies when they are in water that is too deep, to keep afloat. If they are not in water and puff up their bodies, it can be to loosen old skin, because they are shedding. A bearded dragon will also puff up its beard before yawning or while showing dominance.

Why do bearded dragons turn dark?

A bearded dragon’s skin color will darken when they are stressed, cold and when they are basking and want to absorb as much heat as possible.

Bearded Dragon Care

Can bearded dragons be aggressive?

Yes, bearded dragons, especially males, can be very aggressive towards one another. Bearded dragons however will very rarely be aggressive towards people. The only time a dragon will be aggressive towards its owner is when he/she is shedding and does not want to be held, but once again very rarely. They welcome attention most of the time.

Why do bearded dragons flare their beard?

Bearded dragons will flare their beard as a sign of aggression towards another dragon or to impress a female in order to mate. They sometimes flare their beard while shedding to get rid of loose skin.

Why is my bearded dragon's beard turning black?

A bearded dragon will black beard when showing dominance towards another dragon, to attract a female, or as a sign that they are not feeling well.

Why does my bearded dragon open his mouth while basking?

A bearded dragon will open its mouth while basking to regulate their body temperature so they do not overheat. It is called gaping.

Why does my bearded dragon wave at me?

A bearded dragon will wave towards another dragon as a sign of submission. They also wave to other animals and people to say hey I know you are there. It is a sign that they recognize your presence.

What should a bearded dragon eat daily?

Baby bearded dragons should have protein on a daily basis, but as they get older, they eat more vegetables, fruits, and greens than insects. There are quite a few foods that are staples and can be fed daily. For a detailed list read more about Baby Dragon Diet

How often should I give my bearded dragon vitamins?

Vitamin supplements should be given twice a week. do not give more than one supplement on the same day. A different day for each one.

Do Bearded dragons need d3?

Vitamin D3 is needed to absorb calcium and vitamins. Bearded dragons can get D3 from their diets, but more importantly from exposure to UVB. A dragon with a well-balanced diet, and regular exposure to the sun as well as their UVB source, does not need a D3 supplement, but if they cannot go outside regularly, then a supplement that contains D3 will be needed.

What vitamins should I give my bearded dragon?

A bearded dragon needs a vitamin supplement dose twice a week to stay healthy and to have a strong immune system. I recommend Zoomed’s Reptivite or Exo Terra’s Vitamins. Supplements should not be mixed and each given on a separate day.

How many times a day should I feed my bearded dragon?

Adult bearded dragons eat once a day, juveniles 2-3 times a day, and babies 4 times a day. Sick dragons that are on critical care or other foods that are not solid should eat 3 times a day unless told otherwise by a vet.

What fruit can bearded dragons eat?

There are quite a few fruits that bearded dragons can eat which include apples, pears, blueberries and so much more. For a detailed list read more about Bearded Dragon Diet

how to take care of a bearded dragon

Do Bearded dragons need light at night?

Bearded dragons do not need lights at night; in fact, they cannot sleep with them on. If the cage gets too cold a red light or heat emitter can be added to keep the temperature up.

Do Bearded dragons need heat at night?

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded and need to stay warm. If the cage gets too cold at night a heat emitter or red light should be added to keep the temperature up.

What kind of lights does a bearded dragon need?

A bearded dragon will need two lights that are very important. A UVB and UVA light, which comes in a tube or spiral. They will also need a basking light to keep warm since they are cold-blooded. For more info read more about Bearded Dragon Lighting and Heating

What temperature should I keep my bearded dragon?

There are two defined temperatures in a bearded dragon's cage, the cool side (side without heat sources) and the warm side (side with the basking spot). The cool side should be 75°F to 82°F (26°C to 28°C and the warm side, AKA the basking area should be 85°F to 89°F (30°C to 33°C) and the warm side should be raised to 90°F to 95°F (35°C to 36°C). It is best to try and get it in the middle of the specified regions.

How big should a tank be for a bearded dragon?

The tank size can be determined two ways, by gallons or by size.

The length of the tank should be long enough to fit your dragon in 4-5 times from nose to tail, or bigger. The width should be 1 and a half to 2 of your dragon’s lengths.

Baby dragons need a 20-gallon tank or more. This size will be able to help them catch their food and gives them plenty of space for growing.

10-16 inches: the early adult dragons will need a 40-gallon tank. This is so your dragon can catch its food. The larger the tank the happier your dragon will be and the better they can grow.

The bigger your dragon the bigger the tank and for 16-20 inch dragons you will need a 50-75 gallon tank.

If your dragon is 20 inches or more you will need a tank of 75 gallons minimum, but a 120 tank will work perfectly.

How long should a heat lamp be on for a bearded dragon?

The heat lamp should be on throughout the day and should only be turned off when the cage gets too hot.

What do I do if my bearded dragon is dehydrated?

A dehydrated dragon should be bathed 2-4 times a day in warm, not hot water. Foods that contain lots of water like cucumber should be fed and water should be given to drink. Read more about Bearded Dragon Dehydration

Can bearded dragons recognize their owners?

Bearded dragons can recognize their owners and their owners’ voices.

How to care for bearded dragon

How do you calm down a bearded dragon?

A bearded dragon can be calmed by gently wrapping him/her in a soft blanket and then holding them and giving them attention. Talking to them also works since they can recognize your voice. (Do not wrap tightly and leave the nose open so they can breathe.)

What is the lifespan of a bearded dragon?

Captive bearded dragons can live up to 12 years if kept the correct way and kept healthy. The current world record for a bearded dragon is 18 years old.

How can I tell how old my bearded dragon is?

A bearded dragon’s age can only be determined in the first 12 months, after that a vet can try to determine the age, but otherwise, it is just a guess.

3 inches to 4 inches (7.6 cm to 10 cm) = 0-1 months

5 inches to 9 inches (13 cm to 23 cm) = 2 months

8 inches to 11 inches (20 cm to 28 cm) = 3 months

9 inches to 12 inches (23 cm to 30 cm) = 4 months

11 inches to 16 inches (28 cm to 41 cm) = 5-6 months

13 inches to 20 inches (33 cm to 51 cm) = 7-8 months

16 inches to 22 inches (41 cm to 56 cm) = 9-12 months

PLEASE NOTE; this is not very accurate since all dragons differ and different morphs have different sizes.

Should you bathe bearded dragons?

Yes, dragons should be bathed regularly in warm, not hot water to keep them clean and parasite/mite-free. Baths also help to keep them hydrated and most dragons love to swim. Make sure the water is not too deep and not too warm.

Do bearded dragons carry salmonella?

Although it is possible for a bearded dragon to be a carrier of salmonella, the chances of them giving it to you are very rare. So feel free to pet your dragon. Keep them and their enclosures clean at all times, clean up poop regularly and wash your hands after cleaning or handling your beardie to lower risk.

Note: We have bearded dragons for 7 years now and not once did we get salmonella from them. Poop is picked up and not left in cages. They also batch twice a week. Read more about Bearded Dragon Hygiene

Are bearded dragons safe pets?

Bearded dragons are very safe pets. They will not bite you on purpose, turn aggressive, and so forth. Furthermore, they do not carry diseases that can harm you or your family.

Care for bearded dragon

How do you hold a bearded dragon?

A bearded dragon should be picked up gently by placing one hand under the front legs and one hand under the back legs. They can be put on your shoulder or chest and should be gently held in place by placing a hand on their lower back to prevent them from falling.

Will a bearded dragon's tail grow back?

Unlike other reptiles, bearded dragons do not regenerate limbs. If they lose a limb like a tail or a leg, it will not grow back.

Do bearded dragons have a third eye?

Bearded dragons do not have a third eye per se. They do have an “eye” on the top of their heads, to help detect heat from above like a basking light or the sun.

Is Brumation bad for bearded dragons?

Brumation is part of the natural cycle of a bearded dragon’s life. Some brumate and others do not. Some brumate for short periods, and others for long periods of time. Brumation will not harm your dragon, it is quite healthy.

Do bearded dragons like to be handled?

Bearded dragons love attention and being held. They will actually stress out if they are left alone and not picked up and petted.

How can I tell if my bearded dragon is a male or female?

A bearded dragon's sex cannot be determined when they are babies, but when they are adults you can determine their sex by looking at the bottom of their tales. There will either be one bump(female or two bumps) male.

How long does Brumation last in bearded dragons?

The time period for which a bearded dragon brumates differs from animal to animal. Some dragons brumate for a few days, whereas others brumate for weeks and some beardies for months. It all depends on each individual dragon and how cold the winter is.

Bearded dragon care beginners

What should I name my bearded dragon?

I can not exactly tell you what to name your dragon, but I can tell you that you will know the name the moment you hear it since their names will almost always match their personality. Here is a list of names

How big can a bearded dragon get?

The size of a dragon depends on a few things. First of all, it depends on how well it is looked after, and second, the type of dragon. Some dragon morphs are small whereas others can grow quite big. An adult dragon can range anywhere from 18 cm to 70 cm (7 inches to 28 inches) in length from the nose tip to the tail tip.

Why is my bearded dragon so lazy?

Some dragons that are obese will also be lazy, but other dragons that are not obese can be lazy for a few reasons. They can be lazy because they are just too comfortable to run around, or because there just is no reason to go running. It all comes down to the point that they are probably just spoiled.

At what age is a bearded dragon fully grown?

Bearded dragons reach sexual maturity at the age of 12 to 18 months. This is also the age where they become adults, but a dragon never truly stops growing, they just slow down a lot to the point where they only grow a few millimeters a year.

Should I help my bearded dragon shed?

No, a dragon’s dry skin should never be pulled off. If they are struggling to shed, just give regular baths to soften the skin so they can get it off more easily.

Do Bearded dragons need water in their cage?

Yes, a bearded dragon should always have access to clean water where ever they are.

Can I give my bearded dragon tap water?

I personally recommend filtered water, since tap water and so forth contain a lot of chemicals that can harm your dragon.

What can I use to clean a bearded dragon's tank?

Cages/tanks should be washed and disinfected with F10, but if you do not have access to it, a diluted bleach solution should be used. Make sure that none of the chemicals is left behind and that the tank/cage airs out properly afterward.

Bearded Dragon Care

Is My Bearded Dragon Australian?

Bearded dragons originated from Australia, but they are no longer from there. It was made illegal to export wildlife from Australia in the 1960s, but bearded dragons were smuggled out no matter the law from the 1970s to the 1990s. Since the 1990’s the breeding of dragons in the United States raised the captive population so much that it was no longer necessary to smuggle them out.

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