Bearded Dragon Supplements and Vitamins

Unlike us, Bearded Dragons do not get a lot of Vitamins and minerals from the foods that they eat in captivity. There are a few types of foods that do give them their supplements, but it is not enough. This is the reason why we need to give them additional supplements to make sure they get what they need in order to stay happy and healthy.

If they do not receive their supplements, it can lead to deadly diseases, which is something you do not want happening.

There are quite a few supplements that they need and then there are few that work well for sick dragons and so on. They have certain “schedules” that need to be kept in order for the supplements to their job.

bearded dragon vitamins and supplements

They are as follows...

Bearded Dragon Calcium Powder

There are a lot of brands that provide calcium’s for dragons, but I recommend only two of them, because I do not trust the other brands. These brands are exo-terra and zoomed. Furthermore, you get two types of calcium. One with Vitamin D3 and one without it. A lot of people do not get why it makes a difference, but it is quite important which one you use and when you use it.

Over all calcium should be given every third day for adult dragons and every second day for babies and pregnant females. The amount depends on the brand and the instructions from the bottle should be followed when it comes to the dosage. As for which one, with D3 should be used every time unless your dragon is eating high vitamin foods that day or if he received vitamin supplements that contain D3. Supplements should be avoided when your dragon is on medications unless the vet prescribed otherwise.

Give to your dragon by coating their food with it. For example, put their crickets or worms in a container with the calcium. Give it a shake to cover the insects without killing them and then feed to your dragon. The same can be done with the veggies, or it can be sprinkled on top if they eat it by themselves.

bearded dragon calcium

Bearded Dragon Liquid Calcium

Liquid calcium is the same as calcium powder and should not be mistaken with the calcium drops used in their water. Liquid calcium does not have vitamin D3 in it and can replace the powder every now and then, but the powder should still be used because it contains D3. Liquid calcium is a lot stronger than the powder and the correct dosage should be used to avoid calcium overdose. (Bottles come with dosage instructions). Liquid calcium will replace a powder dose once every two weeks. It is once again not a must and the powder works just fine.

Liquid calcium can be given by dripping it on their lips so they can lick it of. 

Bearded Dragon Multivitamin

As with the calcium, there are a lot of brands, but I only recommend zoomed and exo-terra. They have the best products for reptiles no matter what it is that you are looking for. The vitamin supplements has 2 types as well, with and without vitamin D3. Once again, D3 should be avoided if the dragon had vitamin rich food that day and if he/she already received vitamin D3 that day. Otherwise vitamins with D3 should be used at all times. The vitamin supplement should be given every third day no matter the age or if she is pregnant. Do not give different supplements on the same day, one per day. If the schedule overlaps, give the most important one (calcium) and give the other one the next day.

Be very careful of things that contain vitamin A, too much can fatally harm your dragon and thus they should be avoided or given rarely.

Vitamins are given the same way as calcium.

Bearded dragon multivitamin

Bearded Dragon Pro-biotics

Pro-biotics should not only be given after meds, but also as a supplement. Follow the instructions given by the vet or by the bottle in order to get the dosage. When using pro-biotics as a supplement, you strengthen your dragon’s immune system. Strong immune system helps your dragon fight of bacteria and helps keep them healthy.

Give once every two weeks as a supplement or for three to five days straight after their medication has stopped. Mix it into their water when they are drinking to ensure that they consume it.

Bearded dragon multivitamin

Bearded Dragon Calcium Drops

Calcium drops is a supplement that can be added to their water. IT IS NOT a calcium replacement and should only be given as a booster when your dragon is running low on calcium, if a female is pregnant or once a month to give them a bit of a boost. They are not a must have, just an extra. Clean water should be used and be replaced and the end of the day to make sure they do not overdose.

Follow dosage instructions on the bottle. 

bearded dragon calcium

Electrolyte and Vitamin D3 Drops

Once again, this is drops that get added to their water bowl which should be replaced at the end of the day to prevent overdosing. These drops are not a must and can be given once a month to boost the immune system. Be very careful of when you are giving it on the schedule, because too much vitamin D3 from the calcium and other supplements is not good for your dragon’s health.

Bee Pollen for Bearded Dragons

Bee pollen is an appetite booster and enticer. If you have a dragon with a low appetite or one that is fuzzy, just sprinkle a pinch over their food twice a week. Bee pollen is not a must have supplement and can be used as a treat, because bearded dragons love the smell and taste of it. Be careful though, they can get addicted and not want to eat unless bee pollen is present. Bee pollen should not be given every day.

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  1. A good detailed list. Can you tell me if there is a trusted online shop where i can buy these supplements, because my nearest petshop does not have all these supplements availble to me. Thank you.

  2. There are a few, but some only supply certain countries. Amazon and petco have almost everything needed. Give it a look.

  3. Is it safe to use calcium with vitamin d3 when you have a UVB light which also provides d3. I do not want to overdose my baby, but I also do not want to deprive him of the supplements that he needs.

    1. Yes it is safe to use the one with d3 even with the uvb lights. If you want, you can swap between the two, but it is not necesery.