Bearded Dragon Behavior

The Behaviour of a bearded dragon can be quite interesting at times, but other times they can be cute or funny. The thing is most of the time we do not know what the behavior means, and then it can actually scare us and make us worry about them. This is why I have composed a list of their behaviors and what it is that they mean. This can set you at ease, help fix problems or let you know if something might be wrong.

Bearded Dragon Puffing Out Beard/Black Beard

Although both the male and female bearded dragon makes use of this ‘technique’, it is mostly used by the male. The females will do this to tell others to stay away. They will also do this if they are threatened and they are trying to look bigger to scare of whatever is threatening them. Males do use this technique as a defense, same as the females, but they have other uses for this as well, one of them being, to establish hierarchy. Males will have a black beard along with head bobbing to establish territory, or to look bigger when he is preparing to fight with another male, which will return the gesture unless he is submitting. They will, furthermore, combine head bobbing and black beard to get mating approval from a female. Males and females will, moreover, get a black beard when they are ill or in pain. 

Bearded dragon black beard

Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing

Head bobbing is an up and down movement of the head done by both males and females. It can be done either fast or slowly. It furthermore, can be combined with other behaviors like bearding, stomping and the waving of the arms. A combination of these behaviors or a lack of certain ones can mean different things.

DOMINACE: Fast head bobbing along with bearding is a sign of dominance (Sometimes the bobbing will lead to stomping). They do this when another bearded dragon has entered their territory and they want them gone. The other dragon will either submit, which is done by slow bobbing along with the wave of an arm, or they will return the bearding and fast bobbing, which is him saying he wants to fight for the territory. This applies to only males. Females do not really assert dominance with this type of behavior, their hierarchy is determined by their size, but sometimes they do not get along and need to assert their hierarchy. Females will have similar behavior when they assert dominance, but females will either get along or go straight to fighting. This does not mean there will not be any of the above mentioned behavior. 

MATING: The male mating ritual consists of the male trying to impress the female by bearding and bobbing really fast. If the female accepts him as a mate she will slowly bob about 2-4 times while waving her arm. When she doesn’t accept she will either run away or show dominance towards the male.

bearded dragon head bobbing

Bearded Dragon Waving

Bearded dragon arm waving consists of them standing high on three legs or leaning against something in order to wave. Waving is when they lift one of their front legs in the air and move it in a circular motion. Why do bearded dragons wave?  There are a few reasons for this behavior...

Submission: When one dragon is bigger or stronger than the other, the smaller one will submit by waving their arm at the dominant one. A slow or fast 2-4 bobs will usually accompany this behavior.

Mating: When a female is accepting a male for mating they will wave their arm along with a few slow bobs. Sometimes they will wave their arm to show another dragon that they know they are there. If there are no other dragons, animals or reflections of them present, the wave can be directed towards you. It is kind of like saying "hi how are you", or "hi I know you are there".

The Raised Tail

The younger ones raise their tails when they hunt and the adults do raise their tail for alertness during breeding season and all dragons will sometimes raise their tail when they are happy. (Please note that sometimes they will not do it even if they are happy.)

Why are Bearded Dragons Digging?

This is when your dragon will start digging holes in the ground or trying to dig on the floor. They will dig to create a more comfortable basking area. Your dragon will sometimes do weird things, but this is absolutely normal. If it is a female and she is pregnant, she will dig for a place to lay her eggs. They will sometimes dig to go into brumation if they are old enough. (Semi-hibernation). This action makes it a lot easier to sleep while regulating their temperature. If you really want to, you can put in a blanket to help make it easier to sleep.

If they dig it might be because they are trying to escape their enclosure or to get something outside the enclosure that they saw. In addition, it can be because they are trying to escape from something or another bearded dragon in the enclosure.

A female bearded dragon can become gravid with or without a male bearded dragon, but if there is no male the eggs will not be fertile. The female will become egg-bound (Dystocia) if a place where she can lay her eggs in is not provided.

Why do Bearded Dragons Lay on Each Other?

This behavior may make it look like they are great friends and companions, but it is actually the opposite. This is a sign of dominance. This is survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom and bearded dragons need UV rays to survive and when they lay on top of each other the one at the bottom does not get the so needed light and can die if not separated.

bearded dragons laying on each other

The Opening/Gaping of the Bearded Dragon’s Mouth

This is exactly as it sounds like. This is when your bearded dragon sits with its mouth open and not close. From the side, it looks like a gap.

A bearded dragon will open his/her mouth to allow cool air to lower their temperature. They have to do it this way because unlike us they cannot sweat at all. When they reach their ideal body heat they open up their mouths to regulate their temperature so they do not overheat. This will normally happen when basking. Sometimes they will also do this if they have a mouth disease, but do not worry; this is a very common behavior. An open mouth that goes along with heavy breathing is a sign for major concern. If your dragon does this regularly, it would be a good idea to visit the vet.

bearded dragon mouth open

Bearded Dragon Yawning

A bearded dragon will usually yawn after waking up from a nap or after lights on in the morning. It is very common. They yawn by puffing out their beard several times and after that they will open and close their mouths a few times. Sometimes they will yawn during the day as well and this is not to be concerned about. Just like us they yawn when the air is thin or dry.

Bearded Dragon Tail Twitching

This is when your dragon’s tail twitches (similar to a cat’s tail.) If your dragon does not do this it does not mean that there is something wrong because some dragons do not do this. They will do this when it is breeding season. In addition, it can also happen if you are petting them and they do not want to be petted. This is, furthermore, a common behavior when their hurt. Twitching can also be a sign of them developing MBD, which they get if they have a lack of calcium in their bodies. Always make sure your bearded dragon is receiving his/her supplements.

Bearded Dragon Basking

Basking is always needed for your bearded dragon. Bearded dragon’s use this behavior to regulate their inner and outer body heat. For a proper metabolism bearded dragons will need to claim a temperature of 95°F - 110°F since they are unable to generate their own body heat. Dragons get their body heat from their environment and that is why they have to bask. Basking can be recognized easily. It consists of your bearded dragon sitting under their basking light; sometimes they flatten their bodies and turn their skin darker for optimal heat absorption.

bearded dragon basking behavior

Do Bearded Dragons Bite?

Yes, they do. If bearded dragons bite each other it is a clear sign of aggression. If your bearded dragon bites you it is clear that the previous owners did not look after her/him nicely or it is just not tamed, but if it was the previous owners then it must have learned not to trust. This behavior can be defeated by just simply putting on CLEAN gloves and taking it out of its home to be petted every day, then after a few days you can get rid of the gloves if you are prepared and if you think you and your dragon have grown a bond. This will help the bearded dragon grow trust in humans. (It would be best if you start with short periods, then you can do it longer.) Bearded dragons love being held, petted and do not really have any aggression.

Another way to tame them is by holding them in a soft blanket and petting them through it.

Bearded Dragons and Brumation

The meaning of brumation is actually a form of hibernation but not exactly the same thing. This is when they eat all throughout the summer and eat less during the winter. In winter they will sleep more than usual, but they will still wake up and eat. After winter they will reset their clocks and do things they have never done and will not want to do things they did before winter. This is when they "start anew" and will go into breeding with a new face. When bearded dragons live out there in the wild, they will brumate when the food is scarce, when the temperature drops and when the days shorten. They can sleep any ware from a day to a month at a time before waking up to eat, drink and so on. If they are healthy dragons there is nothing to worry about, this is normal. During this time there must always be water in the tank for when they wake up and their temperatures should be kept consistent. Food should also be made available for if they want to eat something.

The signs for brumation:

  • Burrowing under their substrate or staying in their cave
  • Decreased appetite
  • Avoiding their basking light
  • Not wanting to be handled
  • Sleeping a lot
  • Decreased activity 
bearded dragon behavior brumation

Bearded Dragon Color Change

This behavior is when the dragon will change skin color not the beard color. Changing beard color and changing body color are two completely different behaviors. They will do this if they grow or shed. They will get more colorful after every shed till they are about 1-1½ years old. They get more color as they grow.

Their skin will darken when they are cold and want to absorb heat. They will also darken their skin along with black stripes on the belly when they are stressed out. Their skin color will, furthermore, change in color depending on their emotions, for instance a happy dragon will be bright in color where an ill dragon will either be pale or dark in color.

Bearded Dragon Eye Bulging

Bearded dragons bulge their eyes for a number of reasons. Some of these reason are unknown, but some are. One reason for this behavior is when their eyes are shedding and they are trying to loosen the skin or if the eye is itching. Sometimes they bulge their eyes before or after yawning, but if they constantly bulge their eyes or they do it for longer than 30 minutes, please consult a vet, because something can be seriously wrong.

Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing

Bearded dragons glass surf for multiple reasons, those reasons being that there might be something outside the cage they really want or something in the cage they want to get away from. They, furthermore, glass surf if they are threatened and want to get away or if the cage is too small or too hot and they want out. Another reason for this behavior is if they want to get your attention so that you can pick them up and give them love. This can seem quite cute when they are doing it, but can have dangerous consequences. This behavior can lead to them cutting or injuring themselves on the glass and its edges.

bearded dragon glass surfing


A bearded dragon will usually make no sound, but if they are threatened, they may hiss and this is a sign of aggression. They might do this if they have an infection and it would be best to see a vet. 

Why do Bearded Dragons Flatten Out?

A bearded dragon can flatten their bodies to make them self look bigger. This is a sign of aggression/passive that is displayed when threatened or if they want to be away from everyone and everything. If they are bathing they may do this to absorb the heat, or if the water is too deep they will puff them selfes full of air to stay afloat.

When a bearded dragon is older they will use this behavior to collect more heat from the sun or lamp they have and this will help them raise their body heat, but if they do this constantly it means your heat source is too cool and that you have to make the basking spot hotter or bring the lamp/bulb closer. You can also increase the watt of your lamp/bulb. When their bodies reach the ideal temperature they will go to the cooler side of the cage too cool down.

Dragons will also flatten, inflate and rotate their body when exposed to another dragon and then they will circle each other with their bodies flattened, inflated and rotated. This is when they are getting ready to fight for their territory. Bearded dragons will first try and scare each other of with other behaviors before revolving to a fight, seeing as fighting can lead to grave injuries or to their death.

Beardies Licking

Licking is when they flick out their tongs at objects and so forth, litterly giving it a quick lick. This behavior is similar to that of a dog marking its journey. They lick things to remember it and its smell. When something new is introduced to them, they will constantly lick it to get used to it and remember it. They, moreover, lick things to discover the presence of others in order to make sure it is save.


A bearded dragon will rub against everything in their enclosure to loosen skin when shedding. If they do this after shedding it means that there is skin that failed to come off when they where shedding. This can become a huge issue, especially if it is on the toes or legs, because these pieces of skin can cut of blood circulation leading to the loss of those limbs. Regular warm baths will help to loosen the old skin. There are a few reptile products out there that also help with this issue.

Bearded Dragon Shedding

This happens when they are getting too big for their skin and need new ones. Shedding is also because of health, growth and humidity. The younger ones do this a lot more often than the adults because they do a lot of growing. They will become more colorful after every shed. When they shed moisture and fog and so on comes in-between the new and old skin and that is what is lifting it. Give your dragon its space during this time, but give them regular baths to help with the process. DO NOT pull the skin of, because it can lead to serious injury for you dragon. They will get it off themselves; only assist if it is absolutely necessary. (Assistance consists of giving them lukewarm baths an using reptile products designed for these matters. Read more about Bearded Dragon Shedding

bearded dragon shedding behavior


Stamping is when the dragon bobs so fiercely that his/her feet literally stamp on the ground. This behavior is carried out mostly by males, but sometimes a female will do it as well. Stamping usually accompanies a dragon showing dominance, because that is when they bob the most. It can also be shown during mating. 

Behaviour of a Pregnant Bearded Dragon Female.

There are a few signs and behaviors that accompany a female that is pregnant. They are as follow:
  • A sudden increase of appetite which is followed by a sudden loss of appetite.
  • Constant digging no matter where they are.
  • More active, looking for digging places.
  • Sudden weight gain, due to eggs and sudden increase of appetite.
  • Less interest in basking.
  • Aggression towards other dragons and animals.
  • They do not sit still when they are getting petted and given love.

These are the most noticeable behaviors and sign of a pregnant female, but there might be other signs or behaviors. Remember each Bearded dragon is different and will do different things.

Behaviour of a Sick bearded Dragon

A combination of the following behaviors could be a sign that you beardie is ill and that he/she needs to see a vet.
  • Constant black beard
  • Loss of appetite for days
  • Less active than usual
  • Vomiting
  • Constantly lying in the same place
  • Droopiness
  • Pale or dark skin color
  • Constant gaping/gasping when not basking
  • Constant eye bulging
  • Aggression when no one or nothing is around
  • Twitching
  • Limping
  • Diarrhea
  • Constant pushing and lifting of the tail by the back legs, but not pooping. 
  • Lethargic

or information on illnesses and diseases please Read more about Bearded Dragon Diseases. 

Have Questions Regarding Bearded Dragon Behaviour? 
Please leave a comment and we will answer asap.


  1. my bearded dragon has digged so much started to bleed from its middle toe on the back left side how can i stop this from happening all i got is shredding newspaper in there waiting for calcium sand to arrive they have gone 7 whole days without any sand im getting worried about her now. please comment and share any opinions thank you .

    1. Personally, I do not recommend using sand for various reasons, especially not calcium sand. Bearded dragons might in-digest sand and get impaction. Parasites also thrive in sand unless you clean out the sand after each poop. Tile, reptile carpet or paper towels works best. The majority prefers tile since they cannot harm themselves on it and it works off their nails. In addition, it is easy to clean and more hygienic.

      If a dragon likes to dig, you can still add a small sandbox in the enclosure that is kept free of poop and removed when eating.

      With her bleeding, you can remove the newspaper and replace it with a soft baby blanket, most beardies adores soft things and she might cuddle with it and forget the digging. If she still dig, the soft blanket will not harm the injured toe.

    2. Hello I'm new to the dragon world as I just got my first dragon a couple of months ago. I use repti sand mat since I've been doing a lot of online research on the best care for him. In my research quest though I've come across quite a bit of research saying if a female is constantly digging and mature that she could be pregnant and will keep digging until she has an adequate spot to last her eggs. So the question is how old is your beardie and are you sure she's not pregnant?

  2. DO NOT USE CALCIUM SAND! I went against my better judgement and did use it after a box store employee assured me our year and a half old beardie was old enough to not ingest large amounts. Well, 2 months with minimal stool, doing daily warm baths, he still developed major impaction and now hundreds of dollars in vet bills later, our beardie is on the mend.

    1. So sorry to hear about your beardie Alisha. I could not agree more, sand is dangerous to them. In the wild, they do not even live on sand, nor do they consume it when catching prey.

    2. We have 2 and our local store recommended calcium sand mixed with dirt (top soil)!!

    3. Pet stores sell the calcium sand, thus, it is recommended most of the time to boost sales. In actual fact, beardies does not live on sand in Australia, the ground is more hardened with grass on spots.

  3. Hello I'm new to the dragon world as I just got my first dragon a couple of months ago. I use repti sand mat since I've been doing a lot of online research on the best care for him. In my research quest though I've come across quite a bit of research saying if a female is constantly digging and mature that she could be pregnant and will keep digging until she has an adequate spot to last her eggs. So the question is how old is your beardie and are you sure she's not pregnant unknown?

    1. Yes it is true that females will keep digging until they lay their eggs, but it does not matter if they have a perfect spot or not. My females will lay their eggs anywhere they want to once they are ready. Almost all females will lay eggs once, sometimes more, each year, no matter if they mated with a male or not. These eggs are Infertile and will not hatch.

  4. Help .. I have just re-homed a 6 year old female who was no longer wanted by her old owner she was living with a 6 year old male dragon but separatly. Since with me she is less active off her food all signs of burmaton. ..but could she also be missing her mate and old home ?

    1. Yes, she is definitely missing her old surroundings and owner. Will take at least a week for her to adapt to her new home. Right now she is unfamiliar with you and her new home and needs a bit of time to get used to it. I would suggest to keep a close eye on the temperatures and give lots of cuddles so she can get used to your smell.

      If she is restless when you held her, try wrapping her up in a soft blanket while you hold her, will calm her down.

  5. I have 2 bearded dragons. Female that is 5 years old and a male that is almost 2 years old. The female is noticably larger. They both live in a very large screened in porch. I believe the male is trying to mate with the female bc; he slowly head bobs and does push ups as he approaches her. Sometimes she is friendly. Other timds she will sprint across the porch circle around the male then bite and hold onto his neck. Vet said she is trying to mate and trying to not let him escape her until she gets what she wants. Internet is saying it could be agression over teritorial problems.
    I find it hard to believe its territorial bc they are familiar with 1 another for over a year now. And the porch is very large with plants and obstacles that allow them to easily keep distance from eachother.
    Also ever since this odd behavior has began the male is eating far less then he use to and is constanty digging at the cement and screen of the porch, to the point that the front of his mouth has become raw and red.
    My concern is for the safety of the male, im not sure if he has matured and can mate now and thats what the behavior is. Or if i need to seperate them. Btw they have been friendly in the past, and we recently moved to a new house so maybe they are conpeting for territory?
    Any help or suggestiona would be greatky appreciated my email is

    1. Hi. I think you've got the gender a bit mixed up. The male wil be the one running in circles and biting the females neck.

    2. It is always best to keep them separated, Bearded dragons are like lone wolfs. They only interact with one another when they are mating or fighting for territory. Sometimes they will be friendly, but you never know when that might change. The only time I keep mine together, are when they are babies or a bit smaller then juveniles.

  6. Yes, she wants to mate (slow head bob that goes with the push ups is an indication)

    Aggression and territorial are also a possibility, if not, it will become one at some point. Beardies are territorial and does not like sharing, all depends on their mood. I have 2 females who were previously kept together for 3 years without showing aggression. Now that both receive attention, the one will bite the other out of jealousy. All together, I have 12 dragons, one day they will get along fine (under supervision), the other day, they want to bite each other to pieces.

    Bearded dragons can inflict great harm when they bite each other. Tails and limbs can be lost and sometimes the stronger can even bite the other to death in a fight.

    Two bearded dragons together can also cause a great deal of stress to one or both. Stress will cause loss of appetite or behavioral issues. (The reason he is digging, wants to get away) You can detect stress by looking at the stomach, spots or stripes are a good indication. A darker color than usual is also a sign of a stressed out beardie.

    I would recommend separating them. A fight can happen fast and you will not be able to easily separate them. If you are not present when it starts, it could lead to serious injury.

  7. Is crushed walnut shell ok? Or is it considered sand? My bearie is 3

    1. Any loose substrate is bad in general. Some beardies will not swallow the substrate but it is better to be safe. Walnut is one of the worst, if swallowed, will cause severe impaction and in some instances cause internal bleeding.

      Tiles (slate), paper towels or reptile carpet (ones without the hoop) is the preferred substrate. Not only easy to clean, but more sterile and parasites will not grow as quickly. Parasites and mites are the most difficult nuisance there is. Once a beardie and the cage is infected, it is constant scrubbing and visits to the vet. Loose substrate is famous for incubating parasites and bacteria unless you clean it at least twice a week, thus, better to use the above.

  8. Hello, I have a 6 month dragon and I don't like keeping him in my apartment all day so when I get home I take him outside for an hour or so and he loves it, but when we go back inside he turns all black, puffs beard out, raises tail, stares off into nothing, and will occasionally look like he's trying to heave something out of his throat. He's not aggressive and has a nice 250$ breeder aquarium. Other than him acting like he's blind when I do this he's completely healthy and I make sure his diet is taken care of before mine is. Help please

    1. I have a 8 year old female bearded and she used to that at first but now we make sure she's gets at least an hour of play time outside. It could just mean she wants to keep playing. We're going to redecorate her enclosure with things she likes. For example, she loves tall bushes or grass so we will give her as close to a natural habitat while including what she likes. But we also have a 6 month old female beardie who's just so full of energy and is still getting used to her new home. It's only been a few days with us. That's probably all it is. Having energy to still play some more because mine wants to run and jump all over the place when I take her out and stays really active all day until sleep time. Hope that helps.

    2. Hi. When a bearded dragon is spoiled they will throw tantrums to get what they want. If he camls down after a bit of being back inside, it means it's just him wanting to go back outside, if not it best to keep an eye on him to make sure he is not sick. It could also be that he doesn't like his aquarium.

  9. my dragon is 5 months old now, I just got her. she always runs away when I pick her up what do I do?

    1. Hi. Try picking her up and putting her on your chest with a soft blanket over her to keep her calm. By doing this everyday, she will stay calm and get used to you giving her love.

  10. Wrap her in a soft blanket and pet her and talk to her this will develop a bond of trust between the two of you.

  11. Had a male dragon for 7 years and today got a female. I'm not putting them together yet but put them both out on the floor. The girl ran in circles around the male. Why?

    1. To display dominance. Not only males that are territorial, females can be as well. I have a female that will not hesitate to bite the other males if they come close.

    2. It is possible that the female wants to assert dominance over the male and take his territory. I do not recommend putting bearded dragons together, keep them separated. Only the very young ones, few days to 6 months, can stay together, but have to be separated eventually.

    3. Females can be dominant as well. Make sure you do not have 2 males.

  12. I have a question about the way my beardie is breathing.

  13. Just got 2 3 year old beardies... they are always fighting and last owners said they always fought, I separate them and they go rite back to fighting, head bobbing, biting and blowing out their beards

    1. Beardies are territorial and does not like to have companionship, especially males. The injuries could do a lot of harm and in some cases one can even kill the other. Best to keep them in separate cages. I have 12 of them myself, and each one has his/her own cage to prevent them from attacking each other. 2 of them came from owners who kept them together and both had to undergo surgery to repair the wounds they inflicted on each other.

  14. I have two beardys they have always been kept in the same viv I only aquire them about 7-9 months ago recently the more dominant one has started biting spikes off the back of the others head so I've now separated them the domant is now glass surfing constantly and very restless where as the other is the most relaxed I've ever seen her and more aprochable ie coming up to greet me when I come home hopping into my hands the lot but the dom one go's mad when I cuddle the sub I pet them equally both 20 to 40 min a day can anyone shed some light on this sick please and thank you

    1. Hi. Even when they are separated you must make sure they cannot see each other, by making sure the cages don't face each other. They do get jealous. Try giving the dominant one his/her attention first, and give a bit more time so he/she can bond with you more.

  15. From what I'm reading it is either wanting to mate or being territorial. Mine are also going through that right now so I'm keeping them in separate terrariums and only let them mingle when supervised so I can stop any aggression. They are both female one older than the other by almost a year and she's become dominant and has started biting the back of the baby's neck so I'm watching them like a hawk and trying to tame them but I'm not taking any chances so each has its own space from now on. The baby one was rambunctious and full of personality but since the older one became aggressive she's become shy so I don't want her to lose her personality by being afraid and stressed all the time so I'm keeping them separate for that reason as well.

    1. when they become older or used to living with a person in a certain space, they become dominant and territorial. this will cause the weaker/younger one or the one being dominated to become shy and stressed, because they are not welcome there anymore. When you give them their own space to rule, the personality will show rather soon after.

  16. Hi all
    My beardie is coming up for 2 yrs old am pretty sure he male but for the past week he done nothing but dig he been happy in his tank for the past yr all temps are correct and eats normally but doesn't stop digging even when he out of tank and running round house which he does every day he will find a corner and just dig! Not sure what to do for him please help!

    1. Hi. Could be that he is acuactualy a she after all. Or he can be digging for entertainment.

  17. I have a male bearded dragon and a female bearded dragon... I was wondering if after they have gotten older they would start fighting? They both are the exact same age around 2 months old. Im pretty sure one is male and one is female anyway.

    1. Hi. When they get older it would be best to separate them. They could become teratorial or start mating which takes a lot out of the females. Eggs causes females to lose alot of calcium and body weight. The calcium loss can lead to mbd, and the weight loss can lead to malnourished.

  18. I have 2 two year old bearded dragons and they are not eating their greens. I have been playing the tough love game but I don't want to not feed them. I feel like even when they do eat them they take a few bites and that's it for the day. Is that enough food? They also have diarrhea. They have both been to the vet within the past year and are parasite free. General info below.
    Basking spot: 103-105
    Tank size: 55 gallon
    Lights: Zoomed T5 HO 10 fluorescent light
    On from 10 Am to 10 Pm
    No water in tank but they get baths every other day.
    Substrate: Ceramic Tile

    1. Hi. Could be that something they are eating is upsetting their stomachs. Try switching their food for a week or so and see if it helps. If they eat their greens by themselves it doesn't matter how much they eat. Just make sure that they are full. I usually offer something else to see if they are full or being stuborn. When they are being stuborns offer them other greens, it could be that they don't like the ones you are offering.

  19. i have a fancy bearded dragon Evie..she has been opening her mouth and breathing out like a puff and then her cheeks puff out..what does that mean..

    1. Hi. It could be a sign that she is afraid of something and doing a defencive display. Make sure her temperature and humidity is correct and take a look inside the mouth to see if there is fluid build up, wich could be a sign of respirtory infection.

  20. Hi I was wondering what the signs are of a beardie being blind. My girl has to see movement to get her to eat. She won't eat her greens unless hand fed and when it comes to her roaches and bugs if they stop moving she just stares at them. She is also the least active rep I have. And is super lazy.

    1. When they get old, they loose activeness, similar to dogs and cats. If she is overweight, it could also explain this. My Bearded Dragons have to be hand fed no matter what they are eating that day and they are between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. Sometimes they just get spoiled, as for the bugs, anything that is not moving is dead, anything that is dead is not nutritious or can make them sick so they leave it alone. The worm or cricket really has to make a run for it, before my Bearded dragons will show interest. It does not mean she is blind, but you can take her to a vet to be tested or show her her food and see if the pupils change in size, if they do, her eyes are fine.

  21. hi I'm new to this aswel, I've got a 3 year old male.. I bought him off someone and found out everything she told me to do was wrong.. So I've changed everything and he's happier, his colour is brighter, she only had 60watt bulb for a 4ft tank, she kept heat mat on thru the night so he wasn't getting a break from the heat.. I've had him just over a month now and he loves his live food, but he's not eaten any fruit or veg, I get him out for cuddles every day and my dog sits with him, then get on fine, every now and again he will go really black on his beard and puff up and go all round his tank head bobbing.. Is this normal??? Because after that he will sit on his rock and go back to normal colour🤔🤔.. I know he's happy, it's just that display I'm confused about

    1. Hi. Make sure he cannot see his own reflection on the glass, he will thinks it is another beardie and become territorial. Are you sure he and the dog gets along, because it could be that the dog or something else is scaring him. As for the fruits and veggies, start feeding him a little less so he can become hungry ( I know it sounds bad, but hungry not starving) and then offer him something green or orange. If this does not work try giving him some by hand so he can get a taste for it. Most Bearded dragons are not raised with veggies so they do not know it is food and that they need to eat it. after sometime of feeding him veggies either way, he will get used to it, or even get a taste for it.

  22. My female Bearded Dragon will sometimes wave her arms even if there is no other Bearded Dragons around, Is this behavior normal ?.

    1. If she can see her reflection somewhere she might be waving at her self. She might be waving at other animals, not neccersarily another dragon. If she waves when you enter and there is absolutly no other reason it might be that she is just saying helo to which is normal. If it is another animal or her reflection I reccomend solving the problem so she doesn't strees out.

  23. I have a 6 year old female and we reacently moved to a new house. She has turned a complete dark color and loat her appetite. Do you know what might be wrong with her.

    1. It is most likely just stress. Bearded dragons do not like it when their enviroment is changed and start stressing out if it is. Just give her some extra attention, show her it is save by letting her get to know the surroundings and she will calm down in a week or so. Try to keep the cage/tank the same as it was before the move to help her relax. Also a soft blanket while giving attention might just go the extra mile. Make sure there is a hide in the cage for her to use to calm down.

  24. I have a 2 year old female bearded dragon and she has not eaten in a couple of days. Might something be wrong and what is your advice?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It is hard with just that info and it could be quite a few things. If the basking area is not the rigth temp they will not eat. If it is turning winter it could be brumation. If she is stressed she will not eat either and so forth. I sugest going through the lists in bearded dragon health and diseases to see if she has other symtoms or if it is just related to the season and so forth.

  25. hello looking for a little advise...
    i just recently adopted a new bearded dragon, im 99.9% positive shes a female probably right around a year old give or take. ive probably had her about a month. she came with a bare tank (it was very sad) ive slowly been trying to liven it up for her without doing to much at once. getting her back on a good solid diet and proper lighting.

    my problems are she will not drink, ive tried leaving a water dish in her tank she wont have anything to do with it not even lay in it. i give her a bath about every other day but its a fight she HATES IT and i feel bad forcing her into the water. ive tried misting her and she will turn her back to me, my other bearded dragon loves baths and drinks the water from her head when i mist her. i have been able to feed her some fruit which i know that will give her a little bit of water but im sure not enough. any ideas???? other then not wanting to drink she will eat about anything i put in her food bowl!

    also i try to handle her for short periods of time because im not sure if anyone has ever gave her any attention because shes very squirmy and often will try to run right out of your hand. so i lay her on my bed where she can see and hear me and pet her or keep my hand on her to get her used to being touched. but she would rather run and hide from me. but she does like to explore the house. (and of course try to eat everything in sight she always has her tongue out lol) but when i put her back in her tank she will not move from the spot i leave her in whether i leave her on the cool side or hot side she will not explore her tank or wonder around. where as my other bearded dragon is always roaming and playing.

    i dont know if all of this is normal or what else i could be doing to help her feel more comfortable???

    i did notice the other day black circles under her belly like she was really stressed out and her beard pretty much stays black....

  26. Hi, sorry to hear you struggling with your girl. there can be a few causes for behavior she is exhibiting.

    First, of all, I suggest you do her entire tank at once and then give her some time to get used to it, as stressing her out every few days or weeks to add something new is going to make things worse. Make sure to have a basking spot like a rock or log, and a dark hide in the cool side, because dragons, will sleep in them, or go in them to hide away from stress. My basking spot serves as both a basking spot and a warm hide, but it is not an absolute must. the cage setup article about accessories might be a help when designing her cage. I also suggest moving her tank to a place where she can not see other animals, and movent of people only now and then, rather than constantly. when she is more used to people, you can move her somewhere where there is constant movement. I also suggest that where ever you move her, she has a view of a window, as they rather enjoy looking outside.

    Second, make sure her cage temps are correct, 30-32'C (86-89.6'F) on the warm side, and 25-28'C (77-82'F) on the cool side. wrong temps, especially cold ones can cause sluggish dragons. When returning her to the cage, always put her by her basking spot, as their bodies cool down when they are out exploring, something all dragons love doing, which is why she is more comfortable outside her cage at the moment.

    As for her water drinking situation, mist her fruits and veggies to keep her hydrated. place a water bowl that is only about halfway full in the cage, place her next to it with her front feet in the water, then use a bottle or container to very slowly fill the bowl up, keep the bottle/container at a distance. The noise of the water and the moving water usually attracts their attention when they are thirsty. you can also use a syringe to drip water on her nose, and see if she will drink that way.
    if her poop is normal ( A white part along with a brown part that is moist and firm, but not hard) then she should be ok. she might be drinking without you realizing it.
    to check for dehydration, use 2 fingers to gently pinch the skin on her back together. not in the middle but a bit to the side of the back, if it moves back to normal she is fine, if not she is dehydrated.

    To get her used to bathe, I suggest shorter baths, more regularly, and start shallow, like just the feet, and then gradually making it a little deeper as she gets used to it.

    I hope this helps and you get everything sorted. having a bearded dragon can be such a pleasure.